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Gambia Banjul Airport - Transfer, Taxi Driver

Traveling to Gambia brings its own set of unique experiences, starting right from the moment you land at the Banjul International Airport. This article aims to guide you through the airport procedures, and provide useful tips on how to secure a hassle-free airport transfer to your subsequent destination.

Touchdown in Gambia

Gambia Airport- Plane Landing

After landing, a shuttle bus will ferry you to the main terminal building. It's worth noting that the climate inside the airport is generally warm. Therefore, storing your jackets in your carry-on luggage is advisable before disembarking. Also, keep your passport, along with all relevant documents, and a pen at hand for easy access.

Airport Development Fee

The Banjul International Airport levies a development fee of €20/$20/£20 or GMD1000 per person (excluding infants). This fee needs to be paid at the Airport Security Tax collection desk.

Immigration Checkpoint

Next, you'll be directed to the immigration control section where your passport (with visa if applicable) will be checked. You'll be asked to provide your biometrics and pose for a photograph.

Baggage Claim

Gambia Banjul Airport - Baggage Claim

Moving ahead, you'll arrive at the luggage carousel area. Be prepared for a bit of a wait here. It's advisable to carry water or other drinks in your hand luggage as the temperature may sometimes be uncomfortable. Trolleys are provided free of charge; however, if you decide to use a porter's services, be ready to tip them around £1/€1.50/$2.

Luggage Security Check

After your luggage arrives, proceed to the baggage security queue. Here, your luggage will be scanned by an X-ray machine. From this point, you may leave the main building complex. Remember to keep your luggage number handy as it may be required at the exit area.

Departing from the Airport

Gambia Banjul - Taxi Driving

Once you exit the airport, you'll have multiple options for your airport transfer.

Tour Operators

If you've arrived with a tour operator, you will usually exit to the right of the main gate, where your coach will be waiting to transfer you to your resort.

Independent Travel

If you're an independent traveler, you can hire a car from a company located at the terminal or opt for one of the tourist taxis waiting outside the main gates. The cost to reach the main tourist resorts on the coast is typically around GMD1500/£18/€20/$23.

Tips for a Smooth Airport Transfer

  • If you require assistance with the arrival procedure or airport transfer, don't hesitate to reach out for help.
  • If you're not confident about the airport transfer, consider booking a chauffeur airport service in advance. This can ensure a safe and comfortable ride to your hotel.
  • If you're staying in Kololi, a Kololi transfer service can provide a convenient mode of transportation.
  • If you're not in a hurry, you might even consider a train Banjul ride or a bus Banjul ride for a more local experience.

Advantages of Booking a Personal Driver from Banjul Airport

Gambia Banjul - Taxi Driver - Gibs


  • Hassle-Free Travel: Upon landing, you will not have to navigate public transport or haggle with taxi drivers.
  • Door-to-Door Service: A personal driver will take you directly from the airport to your destination.


  • Comfortable Ride: Personal drivers usually offer a higher standard of comfort in their vehicles.
  • Personal Space: Enjoy the privacy and relaxation of your own space after a long flight.


  • Efficient: A personal driver is familiar with the local routes and can take the quickest paths to your destination.
  • No Waiting Time: Your driver will be waiting for you at the airport, so there's no delay in getting to your next stop.


  • Trusted Service: Personal drivers have a reputation to maintain and often come highly recommended.
  • Local Knowledge: A driver familiar with the area can navigate safely and avoid any areas of concern.

Personalized Experience

  • Local Insights: A personal driver can also act as an informal guide, providing valuable local insights.
  • Flexibility: You can often customize your itinerary and make stops

Mr. Gibs Gambia - Your Best Choice

When considering a personal driver in Banjul,Mr. Gibs Gambia stands out as the preferred choice for many travelers. Here are reasons why you should consider booking him:

  • Professionalism:Mr. Gibs is known for his professional demeanor and punctuality.
  • Experience:With years of driving experience in Gambia, Mr. Gibs knows the routes exceptionally well.
  • Customer Satisfaction: He has a track record of satisfied clients who praise his service and friendliness.
  • Language Skills: Mr. Gibs is proficient in multiple languages, which can be beneficial for international travelers.
  • Vehicle Condition: The vehicle provided by Mr. Gibs is maintained to high standards, ensuring a comfortable journey.

To book Mr. Gibs for your transportation needs from Banjul Airport, you can contact him directly through his provided contact details or arrange a booking via his recommended service platforms. Ensure to book in advance to secure his services for your travel dates.

Departure from the Banjul International Airport

Gambia Banjul Airport - Departure

When leaving Gambia, remember to arrive at the airport two hours before your flight's scheduled departure time. Most airlines close their check-in counters 30 minutes before departure. After checking in, it's advisable to proceed immediately to the boarding lounge for immigration formalities as these can be time-consuming.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the airport procedures in a foreign country can feel daunting. However, armed with this comprehensive guide, you should be able to manage your airport transfer in Gambia like a pro. Happy travels!


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Yes, upon arrival, you'll find a range of transportation options including taxis, rental cars, and sometimes, hotel shuttles. For a hassle-free experience, booking a personal driver like Mr. Gibs in advance is recommended.

Yes, the Banjul International Airport levies a development fee of €20/$20/£20 or GMD1000 per person (excluding infants) that needs to be paid before departure. Always check the latest information as fees can change.

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